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November 24, 2009

Technique Tuesdays With Sharon

Hi guys! As promised, I've got a technique to share today - it's a challenging one  But fun fun fun!  I got inspired by something Merdrey showed me in her magazine the other day and finally figured out a way to sort of achieve the look

Get This:

1. a bottle top / cap (must be metal)

2. Embossing powder - lots of it

3.  Heat gun

4.  scrap of paper - at least cardstock weight, no flimsy stuff please

Do This:

1.  Glue the bottle cap to the paper. (make sure you use a nice big sheet with lots of space around the bottle cap - you'll thank me later.)


2.  Carefully pour embossing powder around the bottle cap like so - try to get the parts nearest the bottle cap as high as you can.  (no glue needed - you can put some glue first if you want, but I like to live dangerously - haha)


3.  Carefully use a stiff brush and dab the edges so they get that 'spattered' look.

4.  VERY CAREFULLY! lift your paper WITHOUT SHAKING off the embossing powder and heat the embossing powder with your heat gun from UNDERNEATH the paper until all the powder is melted.

DO NOT PANIC if you smell burning, just move your heat gun to another spot, then come back later.

5.  Pry the bottle cap off the paper (may need quite a bit of jiggling) and VOILA! a...crater?


I put a photo in mine....and highlighted the edges with Distress Ink


Try This:

Guess how I made this?  Heh heh...

Crater heart
I can't stop touching it!!!   



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the technique is awesome, sharon! :)

This is awesome !!! Are you going to let us try in your class in future ? I can't do this at home ;P

Cool Technique. The heart shape one done by using coookie cutter? hehee... did I get it right?

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