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November 10, 2009

Technique Tuesdays With Sharon

A Rather Sheepish Sharing... a.k.a Sharon makes a Sheep

Get This:

1. Paper punches - 3 sizes of circle and a flower / cloud shape

3.  Scraps of paper

4.  Ranger Puffs Embossing Powder - I used the white...which is actually more like off white...

5.  Embossing tools - i.e. embossing ink / glue pad and heat gun

Sheep2- puffs

Do This:

1.  Punch out parts of your sheep from scraps of paper


2.  Emboss the 'woolly' bits with the Ranger Puffs embossing powder - the steps are the same as for normal embossing.  (**Don't expect the stuff to really 'PUFF' up really high like a souffle - it just makes tiny little puffs - and no, heating longer doesn't help - I tried)

3.  Assemble your sheep - I decided to name mine Lambchop ! (He's a greedy little fella...)


Here's a closer look at Lambchop - you can see the Puffs embossing powder has given him a nice fuzzy texture...


 Try This:

I bet this stuff would be cool for....clouds....gravel (ink it up nice and dirty)...snow...icing on a cake (coconut!)....and maybe a little bunny to keep Lambchop company

I'll be Baaaack next tuesday! See Ewe!


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this is really very very nice and cute :D


This is so cute! TFS!:)

i love the effect of the embossing powder! i must get my hands on it! :)

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